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Sociask, the world's first free personalized course creator, uses AI to make education fun and effective.

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Unlock your potential with advanced AI tools

Generate Awesome Custom Courses For Free in Minutes - Packed With the Right Content Just For You, Based on Your Interests, Knowledge and Pace. You'll enjoy learning more, grasp concepts faster and achieve your learning goals more efficiently.

Personalized learning specifically for you

Just a few simple sentences about what you want to learn, why it matters to you and what challenges you face. That's all Sociask needs to generate a fully tailored course experience designed from the ground up to maximize your learning and growth. Enhancing learning outcomes through personalized content engagement, tailored pacing, and prioritized focus on relevant topics and skills.

Learning that clicks for you

Sociask gets it: one-size explanations don't fit all. From digest to deep dive, Sociask adapts to match your mood! Just click the button that speaks to your soul.
- Simplify 🤯: Click this button for bite-sized basics in beautiful layman terms.
- More info 🧐: Click for a deeper dive - including details, examples, pseudo-code and further resources.
- Videos 📺: Click to unlock, targeted video lessons that bring explanations to life through motion.

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Faster Learning
Accessible Yet Inspiring Personal Tutoring

Our tutoring AI stimulates your mind with an endless supply of intuitive examples, profound analogies and deep-thinking questions - all framed in straightforward, digestible language designed to maximize your understanding, insight and ability to recall essential facts. Sociask makes hard stuff easier to grasp by breaking it into smaller parts, making you curious with interesting questions and surprising insights, and showing how it works in real life so that "aha!" moments happen.

Learning Made Easy

your learning

Three learning options: Guide 500 for imaginative storytelling, Professor Probe for hands-on problem-solving, and Tutor Swift for rapid concept simplification, all tailored to individual learning preferences.

Need more than words alone to understand a concept? Sociask feed your brain with video lessons from the world's top teachers!

Try for free, generate 3 courses per month

Sociask employs bionic text technology to customize learning materials, enabling students to study and learn at an accelerated pace.

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Affordable pricing plans



Unlock the door to personalized learning with Sociask's Free Plan. Dive into a world of tailored courses, perfectly attuned to your unique learning style, at absolutely no cost.



Commit to your learning journey and save with Sociask's Yearly Plan. This plan gives you everything in the Monthly Plan, plus extra perks that truly take your learning to the next level.

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